• Tree and shrub pruning – We offer a full service of pruning techniques to include ornamental shaping, large tree pruning, canopy raises, crown reduction, thinning and weight reduction, hazard mitigation, and reduction in over landscaped areas. Many of our customers are on our free maintenance program to ensure their pruning is done at the right times of the year and when necessary to ensure the health and aesthetics of their plants. Proper maintenance may be once a year or every few years depending on your landscaping, but you don’t have to worry about that because we will monitor it for you.
  • Removals – We can handle any size tree or shrub removal safely with as little impact to your landscape as possible. Crane work and skilled roping is utilized when needed. Stump grinding chips down the stump so you can re landscape that area, a mix of small wood chips and soil will remain.
  • Fertilization – Fertilization techniques are good for nutrient deficiencies or to overcome external stresses previously put on your tree, including diseases. We only work with Mauget injectable fertilizers because this is the only effective method of fertilization in many extreme cases.
  • Firewood – We save all hardwoods and Conifer that we haul off and cut it to lengths up to 18″. It is split and ready to burn in most cases. However, if we are out of wood that is ready to burn we discount the remaining wood significantly. Most of the hardwood is Locust, Elm, Maple, Ash and Walnut. The Conifer includes Pine, Spruce, and Juniper.
  • Haul Off/Tractor work – If you like to “do it yourself” we can haul off brush piles and rake up your yard. We can clear entire yards that have access for a tractor. Moving heavy landscaping such as boulders is also an option.